FOURTH BLOOD MOON by Pastor Paul Locke for 25/09/2015

Ichabod means the ‘Glory has departed’ and this happened in Jerusalem when Jeremiah removed the Ark of the Covenant from the Temple and hid it in a nearby cave to prevent the army of Babylon taking it. (Jer 52:19)  Ezekiel the Prophet saw in a vision that the Glory departed from the Temple when the Cherubim came with a chariot of wheels beside them to carry the Glory from Mount Moriah to the Mount of Olives. (Ezek 11:22-23)  The Glory will return with Jesus at his second coming.

Blood Moons are a sign from God (Acts 2:19-21) for Israel that blessing will follow persecution.  The first of the latest four Blood Moons appeared at Passover 2014 and then Succoth 2014.  The third was on Passover 2015 and the fourth is to appear during Succoth on 28/9/2015.  Previous Four Blood Moons appeared in 1492, 1948, and 1967 when blessings followed great persecution of Jews during the Spanish Inquisition, return of diaspora to Israel, (Jer 30:3) and Jerusalem after the six day war.

Signs for the end of the age are revealed through Jesus’ words. (Lk 21:25 & Mtt 24:6-8 &22)  To hasten the return of Jesus we the Church as the Bride are to say, “Come” and encourage each other with words of faith in being lifted up to Jesus in the air. (1Thes 4:16-18)  On that day like before the flood and the fire we are to be ready and looking and listening for Jesus coming in the clouds, and the sound of a trumpet with the voice of an Archangel.

Seven Lean Years was given in a dream to Pharaoh and interpreted by Joseph. (Gen 41:30)  This prophecy will be repeated for Jesus testifies about the rider on the Black Horse bringing famine upon earth where money is almost valueless to buy food. (Rev 6:5-6)  Jacob and his sons were delivered from extinction by God through Joseph and now Israel will be delivered out of starvation through their Christ, Jesus of Nazareth whom they crucified; so that we Gentiles could be saved.

Wormwood is some huge meteor that will strike earth. (Rev 8:10-11) causing an ice age not unlike the one that struck Siberia causing a Mammoth to be snap frozen with green food in its mouth.  The dust cloud from the impact similar to Krakatoa explosion that blocked the sun for years could cause a red colouring of the sea. (Rev 8:8)  Those who need to turn to Jesus for salvation are wise not to wait until these events occur.  Choose this day who you will serve God or Satan.


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