AFRICAN FEDERATION by Pastor Paul Locke for 10/09/2016

F.U.S.A. means the United States of Africa a Federation or fusing a dream that many Africans have only to be thwarted with talkfests.  God has a plan to prosper you and not to harm you.  Plans to give you hope and a future.  Then you will call upon me and I will listen to you. (Jer 29:11-12)  Let the newest nation of South Sudan be a catalyst by them declaring that they have become the first nation under God to be a State in the Union.

New Power is on the table for South Sudan for restoration from the Midrash woe. (Isa 18:1-6)  Being a Theocratic state is akin to giving gifts to God (Isa 18:7) and blessings will follow.  Existing state politicians should be willing to exchange state roles to be Members of the African National Assembly and as Senators.  Let the Church distribute wealth and collect tithes as was the case in ancient Israel.  Ten percent of all income was sown into God and re-distributed according to the needs of the people.

Corruption and violence that plagues the South Sudanese will cease with the change to adopt the plan for prosperity in God.  The alternative is not good because light and darkness will not mix and we are told not to be yoked with unbelievers otherwise you will become slaves.  When you cry out to the Lord for relief, He will not answer. (2Cor 6:15-17)  Come out from them, the ungodly U.N.  God wants to be your King, so do not reject him like the Israelites did. (1Sam 8:7)

Co-operatives in Australia were the easy method to unite communities to maximize outcomes.  Take for instance Milk Depots, Wool and Wheat Co-ops and so many other co-operatives.  Groups of farmers used communal farm machinery or helped each other in lamb marking, shearing, fruit picking, and all other community problems.  Distribution of foreign aid given to co-operatives removes corruption and farm machinery sharing is the secret of mass production. 

South Sudan has the potential to become the food bowl of Africa when they come together in unity.  Let the fighting cease and work begin.  Dependence on cattle for wealth will be a thing of the past when the land is cropped with grain, chickens, fish farms, fruit and livestock.  Australia, England, America, and Israel have experts in agriculture, irrigation, plant research, unrestricted seed banks and would be willing to help if asked by the Church.


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