OFFERINGS – God Blesses Your Seed


The godly advice is, ‘If you have a need sow a seed’.  The offering is seed that multiplies 30, 60,100 times when sown into good soil.   We use the offering to help win souls for the Kingdom of God and you become a partner in our ministry, so we are the good soil.  Listen to your heart to know the voice of God directing you to sow.  Your offering made to God through us is faithfully distributed without deductions to the mission field.  Our current focus is on East Africa where civil war cost the lives of many in Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania, DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, and Uganda.  We visited the area and communicate with local Leaders whom we rely on to distribute help.  We sow into hospitals, schools, orphanages and the needs of the people.  There are large numbers of sick starving orphans and widows who desperately need your help.


Methods of Payment

Send cheque or money order to

Faith Mission

25/72-78 Albert Street, North Parramatta 2151, Sydney, Australia


Direct Debit to our National Australia Bank Account BSB 082330 a/c 359308159


To pay by Debit or Credit Card supply the details below by email or post.  Simply fill in, cut and paste or copy to email  Please supply contact details.


My Seed Amount is:-  __________________________________________________________


Type of Card: _____________Card Number: ___________________Expiry date: ___________


Signature or three digits on back of card: __________________________Name on Card: _____________________________


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