OPEN LETTER TO ABBOTT by Pastor Paul Locke for 1/02/2015

History is being ignored when I refer to William Cobbett in England who published the Political Register where he said, “The cause of destitution was misgovernment.”  In that time of misgovernment, Acts giving liberties of the Press, Assembly, and Habeas Corpus were repealed and in retaliation the Union movement started in 1820.  We must never forget the heavy hand of government at Peterloo and Bonnymuir.

Anti-unionism in Australia smacks of the past; voters are the unions and expect government to work with unions.  Union office bearers need oversight to remove the criminal element just like other professionals who need to be screened by the Police to prevent corruption.  Police power needs adjustment for it appears to have gone too far when they shoot a hostage, Taser a man to death, shoot an insane man threatening self-harm, and phone tap colleagues.

Bank Control is the beginning of wisdom for they are self-serving.  The only and best way to remove drugs from the streets is money control.  We must nationalise the Banks who have been given by government a license to print free money that otherwise could be used by government on infrastructure.  Superannuation funds should only be in the hands of a Superannuation Commission that lends on housing ensuring guaranteed safe returns to Superannuants.

United Nations Treaty should be re-negotiated to make our Constitution paramount and not able to be changed unless by the will of the people.  Most other nations have treaties like ours that override our Constitution except for Germany and we should be the same or else pull out from them all together.  Our borders and laws are being dictated to us by a host of ungodly nations and we according to God should come away from them.

Prayer is the secret to your success for it is God who appoints and pulls down leaders.  My approaches to you, Turnbull, Hockey, Hawke, Gillard, Hanson, Baird, to name a few have fallen on deaf ears.  A wise person would humble themselves and ask me to pray with them, for I am a servant of the Most High God and am led by the Holy Spirit to approach you again even though last time was to be your last.  Maybe someone who wants God’s blessing to rule will pray with me.

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