ABBOTT OPEN LETTER by Pastor Paul Locke for 31/08/2017

Reaping what you sow can be applied to your attack on Pauline Hanson.  As a head kicker you have had the boot put in by your own political party.  Now a fresh start is called for, so take your lumps and do what you should have done years ago.  You must be humble and now renounce the satanic oath you made to qualify for the Rhodes scholarship otherwise you will not make old bones.  God is not mocked, so saying you are Christian, be careful. (Acts 5:4b, 5, 9)

8 Second Prayer with me can turn your life around to lead a new Theocratic government.  The folly of your mentor saw him losing his unlosable seat to a woman for endorsing your replacement a Republican and Same sex marriage supporter.  You can find me in Parramatta Mall between 8pm and 9.30pm on Friday and a wise man would not leave it for another week.  The Holy Spirit will convict you and give you no peace until there is an outcome.  You must choose God or Satan.


New Elections are coming because of the dual citizenship debacle and you need to be ready to bless Australia.  The nation needs enough time to organize Christian candidates in every Federal seat.  The whole nation will be in prayer for you if you make the right decision to serve in God’s government after being Born Again by the Holy Spirit.  ‘No prayer equals no hope.’  Remember it is God who appoints leaders over his people.


President Donald Trump recognized the importance of getting the Church on side and the rest is history.  He has surrounded himself with Godly people and has daily prayer meetings in his office.  All the pre-election pundits wrote him off but God had a plan for him.   Labour party historic support by the Catholic Church is lost because of their stance on homosexuality and the door is open for you to get that support.  I see a diminished Liberal and Labour party in Australia.

Patriot party is a name that suggests unselfish service in government so be quick to adopt it.  I personally would like to see all politicians renounce membership of Freemasonry, Illuminati, Jesuits, or other secret organization.  It is written ‘You cannot serve God and Satan’ otherwise loyalties are divided.  The last place you would want to be is a place where God does not want you, so do as I suggest you seek divine help.


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