AIRPORT RORT by Pastor Paul Locke for 6/04/2015

Richmond was the site chosen by politicians for the second airport back in the 70’s as I was informed by a Labour party strongman only to be later dropped because the housing department had since built cottages for servicemen and would have to be demolished.  Time would have to pass before this could happen to avoid embarrassment.  This site has been used to land B52 bombers that took regular data from Pine Gap back to America.

Flight Paths of Badgerys Creek will seriously affect all residential property east past Parramatta.  Richmond exists and has open farmland along the flightpath that would follow the Hawkesbury River.  Newtown residents will tell you of the unhealthy noise and pollution that comes from the Sydney Airport each morning.  Ask golfers at the Lakes Golf course or Arncliffe residents about the bad effects of low flying aircraft.  The 2am morning mail plane wakes Doll’s Point residents.

Badgerys Creek site is being pushed ahead by politicians and an ICAC land ownership investigation would reveal a backroom insider deal to sell the airport. Honest politicians need to know they are being used.  My advice about a property bordering the proposed airport site called Bull’s Hill 500 acres was purchased by Estate Agent and notorious house mover John Witham in partnership with a former P.M. and another politician.  This is the tip of the iceberg so wait and see.

Airport development spending on the scale proposed for Badgerys Creek is the last thing an austere Treasurer should consider and the Captains choice is a bad one.  The proposed airport at Badgerys Creek will devalue Sydney and promote Melbourne as the best city in Australia.  The negative effects of high tension power lines or Telephone relay towers on health is an important factor in home purchase and a flight path is even worse.

Corruption is cancerous and ‘what is hidden will be revealed I declare in Jesus’ name.’  The ‘Emperors new clothes’ IMF money exists when someone agrees to borrow and repay with interest.  They do not have the money but just numbers on paper created out of thin air.  A true test of honesty would be philanthropic gifts instead of loans.  These same backroom boys would buy the finished Airport.  Satan is behind this evil and uses people I guess like Illuminati, Freemasons, and Jesuits.  I come against them in Jesus’ name.

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