AMERICAN REVIVAL by Pastor Paul Locke for 13/11/2015 and Youtube

Prophecy was given several days ago by Pastor Benny Hinn about his vision of fire of the Holy Spirit in various places across the U.S.A. (Amos 3:7)  Part of the vision was Angels coming to do the work and when I heard this I immediately knew that this is our call coming to pass.  We have appeared as Angels in a past move of God to unreached Iban head-hunters and preached in their language by four from our prayer group and then all the unreached Iban believed the Gospel. (Rom 3:22)

Five Angels were seen by Bishop Wilondja in the Congo prior to a great move of God in East Africa.  Four from our group went to spearhead this move and Jesus told me that he was the fifth angel. (Heb 1:14)  After Hurricane Katrina and seeing the devastation with displaced persons in a stadium God spoke to me and said, “Go”. (Heb 2:1-2)  I was to seek an invitation from U.S.A. Christians; to legalise Spiritual access and block Territorial Spirits.  No invitation has been received even from partner Benny.

Australia led a past revival in U.S.A. where John Dowie was sent by God after influencing Pentecostalism in Australia.  God moved powerfully in the U.S.A. and Azusa Street move of God commenced after Dowie through James Seymour .  Pastor Benny Hinn would be the first to tell you that the anointed presence of God rests on people like Apostle Peter (Acts 5:15) and his shadow or Paul touching aprons in Ephesus.  (Acts 19:12)

Albuquerque could be the starting point as Benny Hinn mentioned it in a vision where he saw flames.  Our street ministry is focussed on imparting the Baptism of the Holy Spirit (Acts 8:21) and praying daily for a hundredfold blessing for them to reach others in the same way. (Jhn 16:24) God has promised me more than three billion souls for the Kingdom of God through this method.  Over three thousand lost five cent coins I have found since College days; each represents one million souls to God.

Last Days for action prior to the Rapture is upon us so do not ignore the times that will follow for those left behind. (Rev 7:17b)  The Anti-Christ comes next then followed by the Third World War when Russia is wiped out. To become a Christian after the beginning of the Tribulation Seven Years is not easy for one has to die to self to overcome the sin of fear.  Remember always that Jesus overcame sin and death through his blood and Christians win. (Rev 22:3)


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