ANCIENT MYSTERY by Pastor Paul Locke for 10/02/2016 and YouTube

Life is in the blood and also the Tree of Life, so the mystery of life is input of something external. (Gen 1:27)  Science tells us that oxygen cleans impurities from the blood and comes from air that we breathe.   The ‘breath of life’ is not air but spirit necessary to become a living soul. (Gen 2:7)  Jesus as the Son of Man primarily gave up the Spirit and the flesh died on the cross, some might argue that he stopped breathing, yes that too happened when he died.

Eternal Life is suspending the laws of nature that requires air, food, and water to survive in the age we are given.  Adam was an eternal being because he had access to the ‘Tree of Life’ and showed that sin separates us from God and the Tree of Life. (Gen 3:24)  The mystery is that man has become mortal and aware of sin because of the eating from the ‘Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil’ that has become a generation curse on every baby born and can only be removed by God. (1Jhn 1:9)

Triune Godhead is an ancient mystery that is revealed to those who seek the answers. (Lk 3:21-22)  The Holy Bible teaches that God the Father is Spirit and manifested as the Son of God in the body of Jesus to become the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. (Jhn 1:29)  The Holy Spirit is the Ghost of Jesus the creative arm of God who continually interacts with mankind.  Those who are the Temple of the Holy Spirit take on His qualities and power.

Image of God is godlike in appearance of man and qualities with rule over all the earth. (Gen 1:26-27)  Adam was given power to create when God said, “Be fruitful and multiply, replenish the earth, and subdue it.”  After the fall into sin and death, this power was lost when toil was necessary to grow food in pain and in childbirth. (Gen 3:16-19) The mystery of restoration comes by repentance; for God is a loving God who would have it that none perish and all come to repentance.

Born Again is the mystery revealed to us when we take the next step after being sealed with saving faith that comes by hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (Eph 1:9-13 & 17-20)  Praying a short Gospel prayer of repentance is akin to preaching to oneself and the supernatural effect is applied by God to you.  This is the time to ask for the Holy Spirit and God will keep his word by giving the baptism in the Holy Spirit. (Lk 11:13)  Laying hands is the fast track to restoration a new creation.


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