ANTICHRISTS by Pastor Paul Locke for 25/05/2017

Undermining Nations is the deliberate attempt by ‘Globalists’ to remove harmony that allows people to live in the blessing of God. (Ps 133)  Recognizing who these antichrist ‘Globalists’ are is like switching on a light and seeing Cockroaches scurry away into darkness.  They are antichrists because they cannot pass the Biblical test to confess that ‘Jesus Christ has come in the flesh.’ (1Jhn 4:2)  Muslims who call Jesus a prophet and not the Christ is a sign of an antichrist.

Church Error has allowed the Church of Satan to inhabit their ranks by believing the lie ‘that Freemasons are do-gooders and are Christians.’ (Rev 2:9)  Their doctrine is ‘there are many ways to God’ and contradicts Jesus who said, ‘There is only one way to the Father and that is through me.’ (Jhn 14:6)  Christians are not supposed to fellowship with unbelievers because the purpose of fellowship is to support each other in the faith.  Secret societies are opposite to Christians.

Spirit of Truth is from God and we who believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ can recognize the spirit of falsehood. (1Jhn 4:6)  Unbelievers have a worldview and are commended to listen to us for we are from God and those inspired by God will listen to us. (1Jhn 4:5-6)  The truth is that sin came into the world by Satan and forgiveness came from God through the sacrificial Blood of Jesus Christ for those who believe.

Gospel Remedy is God working with mankind with a supernatural method of change.  All mankind has to do is listen, choose, and receive this blessing. Truly born again believers are inspired by the Great Commission to preach the Gospel in season and out of season becoming all things to all men so that some may be saved. (1Cor 9:19-22)  Preaching takes many forms but the greatest inspiration to man is seeing you as being holy and that you believe. (1Jhn 4:4)

Stages of Judgment of nations is evidenced when the balance or proportion of believers is outweighed by unbelievers, then lookout.  Most of the world still live according to the Law of Moses and therefore come under judgment of the Law. (Rom 3:19-20)  Grace is undeserved favour that comes through faith in the redeeming work of Jesus Christ who died for our sins.  We just have to believe because Grace does not come by works but by faith only in the Blood of Jesus Christ. (Rom 3:23-25)


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