ANZAC DAY by Pastor Paul Locke for 20/04/2016 and YouTube

Defence of Australia was foremost in the mind of Prime Minister Alfred Deakin who led a minor political party that was able to work with the Labour Party to approve the purchase of the battleship ‘Australia’ and cruisers ‘Sydney’ and ‘Melbourne’.  This was the birth of the Australian Navy which played a critical role in the First World War.  The ‘Australia’ defeated the German raider ‘Emden’ rendering the Australian shipping lanes safe.

Anzacs were conveyed to the Middle East by our Navy and rescued from Anzac Cove by them otherwise they all may have perished.  Our Anzac Infantry went on to heroically fight in France while the mounted Anzacs called the ‘Light Horse Brigade’ captured Jerusalem from the Turks.  The movie ‘Lighthorsemen’ showed the victory snatched from defeat by these Anzacs when they charged the guns at Beersheba.

History about the growth of Australia and a Commonwealth of Nations for sixth class students by C.M.Currey published in 1941 has focussed on the noble ideals of our early politicians.  It says, “No one could but know that since Phillip’s landing in 1788 there had grown up in this continent a sturdy, self-reliant, freedom-loving nation whose people had the will and the strength to defend their way of life.”  Ignoble politicians beware of retribution from present day civil Anzacs.

Present day Anzacs are our servicemen and women who have fought on many fronts but the most inglorious acts were in service as United Nations Peacekeepers.  None of our troops should serve with them after the cowardly act of their presence in the Rwandan Massacre where one single shot over the heads of the blood thirsty killers may have stopped the carnage of 30,000 imprisoned Rwandans who were hacked to pieces with machetes.

Invasion of Australia is occurring under our very eyes by selling off the farm to other nations.  Cubby Station should be bought back by Government in view of the Murray/Darling water buy back as precedence for this action.  Allowing another country to control our water is nefarious to say the least.  The Khemlani Affair was an uneducated but noble attempt to buy back Australia.  I commend these men for their actions as true Australians in the Anzac Spirit.


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