ARAB OIL by Pastor Paul Locke for 11/05/2017

Dubai is cursed through a covenant I have with God as a seed of Abraham by faith in Jesus Christ. (Gen 12:3)  Because I carried a Bible I was singled out by an immigration officer who insisted I take off my shoes while I was holding up my trousers from the lack of a belt.  I asked for help and instead threatened me with jail.  Remember I am a few months from eighty years old and just completed a long flight from Nairobi and could not reach my shoes without sitting down on non-existent chairs.

Pastor Tony was not allowed to help me and saw it as insulting abuse.  I do applaud strict security on airlines, however, I saw no one being required to remove their shoes particularly those who with me passed several inspection points.  We know it was Satan at work seeing that minutes before I led a Muslim man to be circumcised in the heart by God.  Qantas airlines should not be in partnership with Emirates and fly directly to Nairobi, Kenya a Christian nation.

Kenya Revival is underway through 1876 Saints we prayed for from the streets in Nairobi, Kitale, and Kithimani.  Churches are warned not to lose their anointing by listening to negative reports from Satan as was the case in the Congo who listened to weak missionaries from Scotland.  The Welsh Revival stopped when the chosen vessel listened to the negative reports of a woman assistant.  Like me they should look after the anointing and chase after it, follow after it and be where the Lord is.

Under Law people are those not in Christ Jesus and do not have the curse of the Law removed.  Dubai is well advised to repent and seek the truth about Jesus before the curse is brought upon them.  I think the Lord was showing me that the oil states will not exist very soon when attacked.  The oil income from Arab states will cease and the people made refugees all because how they treated me and Israel.

Donald Trump is advised not to have part in an Israel peace treaty or re-building the Temple, for each are signs of the Antichrist.  It is sufficient for Israel to know that U.S.A. is for them not against them.  Just watch Israel and see what God will do to their enemies.  President Netanyahu is blessed because he encouraged Jews to study the Prophet Isaiah to learn about the Messiah Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth who became the Lamb of God sacrificed for the forgiveness of sin.


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