CHRISTIANITY AT FAULT by Pastor Paul Locke for 13/01/2014

Fallen World of people killing each other is a direct result of the Christian Church.  Believers were given responsibility to carry the message and power of God to the world.  All that has happened is a self-focus with disregard to the problems of the world influenced by Satan.  A Spirit without a flesh body has no authority on earth and this is the reason Jesus who has all authority has delegated the power to Born Again Believers.  Jesus made it clear that entry to heaven was Spiritual.

Signs and Wonders were given to Born Again Believers to break yokes and remove burdens from people.  Supernatural power of God is available and there are rules of engagement.  Follow the rules and the mighty power of God is ready to bring about change to whole nations.  Acceptance of outcomes is absolutely opposite to the classic example which was the prayer of Moses to prevent the destruction of the disobedient wilderness Israelites by God.

Study of Jewish history reveals many accounts of the supernatural work of God.  God has revealed Himself through history as a loving God of Creation and shows the way to righteousness.  Without being made righteous mankind cannot approach God and this is the reason Satan uses religion as a means to separate people from God.  A Born Again Christian believes all people are given the opportunity to drop self-righteousness; so then by faith in Jesus Christ be declared righteous.

Midrash is repeat fulfilment of prophecy that is common in Jewish mindset.  Abraham prophesied “God Himself will provide a lamb.”  Not only was a ram provided for a sacrifice instead of Isaac but later prophecy was fulfilled when God gave us Jesus the Lamb of God to sacrifice for the sins of the world.  The Ark of the Covenant is just a valuable artefact without the presence of God; so what possible use would God put it to?

Blood of Jesus was sprinkled upon the Mercy Seat of the Ark through a crack in the rock beneath Golgotha crucifixion site down to Jeremiah’s Grotto the home of the Ark.  Prove this to the world and they will believe in the power in the Blood of Jesus over sin and death.  Muslims and Jews would become Messianic believers in Jesus as all it takes is to use the method God has provided to change the hearts of infidels.  The Ark belongs to the world not just Jews.

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