BANK LICENSES by Pastor Paul Locke for 30/08/2016

Royal Commission is a delaying tactic that allows the passage of time to affect the memories of disenfranchised voters.All banks must operate under the terms and conditions permitted with the banking licenses.Government can and must change the license conditions that allow banks to operate and the results will immediately be the greatest social change since Federation.All created credit must be backed by Government produced currency and incoming foreign investment disallowed.

Reject Euro Dollars and use Australian Dollars for trade remembering that we are an export nation.Some problems will occur but the end goal is to make Australia strong and self-reliant.Who said that we have to compete in a world market?Buy back Australia with our own created currency and let our people get on with the job they can do.If we play by the world money rules then we are controlled by corrupt players who really are the Illuminati servants of banks.

Value added to Government coffers comes automatically from the creation of currency.The greatest dis-service to Australia was de-regulating finance by the Keating government.The banana republic wisecrack was a planned put down of objectors to the deregulation move.Our economy is being manipulated towards the end goal of a world money crash and the planned mark of the Beast.Our youth is being lured to take the implant mark as new technology in a keyless society.

Brexit is the way Australia and America should go for being tied to U.N. is unconstitutional when their laws override ours.I pray in Jesusí name that God will facilitate this change for the better.One man made this treaty without our approval, Gareth Evans who is an employee of the U.N. and of doubtful character considering the negative results engineered in the Cheryl Kurnot affair.She was supposed to keep the bastards honest.

Proof of the motives of our politicians will be seen openly displayed in their determination to bring about change immediately.Most of world politicians serve another master and not the people who voted for them.Satanic Freemasonry and their leaders the Illuminati are these people seeking to control the world for the banks.Australia is always seeking Patriots; so put up your hands to rid our society of blood sucking money grabbing banks.


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