BANK RIGHT TO DRAW by Pastor Paul Locke for 12/10/2016

Bank Inquiry in Australia really is appeasement and a delaying tactic used by corrupt politicians not to reign in bank excesses.  A Royal Commission is more of the same when in reality license rules need close scrutiny.  Our corporate watchdog should be given greater powers to follow the money trails on and offshore to determine who owns the money and where it comes from in an effort to stamp out crime.  The ruse of overseas investment is to launder bank stolen money.

Gold Standard was used to legitimise wealth in the past as a system of control.  Since the removal of this standard there has been open slather by banks to create their own gold by stealth.  The right to draw given by governments is creation of finance simply by adjusting numbers on a computer without the need to back the created money with security.  Let Australian currency be the new gold standard where banks must buy exclusive banknotes as security.

Corruption is tolerated by corrupt politicians and sale of infrastructure is the new means of bribery where this money is hidden in share transfers to Australians adopting offshore identities. The release of Swiss Bank details had revealed some secrets of high flying Australians but ‘Exclusive Banknotes’ will smash under the counter deals that allow the drug and body part trafficking to flourish in the world.

Ignorance of the money system is used to bamboozle any attempt to change, but if we wait and see, then the plan of the enemy will be put into effect.  Government has the responsibility to prevent banks entering into possession of property through owners default brought about by manipulation of the finance market.  Defaulting home owners should be given the option to transfer their loan into a Government owned and run building society.

Remove Right to Draw from banks in an effort to win back the world from Satan who planned a world takeover.  Albert Pike a Freemason revealed the plan in a letter to Mazzini in 1871 that three world wars would bring about complete domination.  God’s plan is not to allow his children to suffer wrath and will take action to protect those in Christ Jesus, so it is not too late to become a Christian before these events happen.


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