AGE OF BARBARISM by Pastor Paul Locke for 19/12/2013

State sponsorship of barbarity can be seen at question time of Federal Parliament where crude language is used that denotes the upbringing of participants is through crude parents.  Responsibility for behaviour starts in the home and then re-enforced at school by ethical teachers.  The Godly advice is ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’ means that children naturally are wayward and part of education is discipline that sometimes requires measured application of force.  No where do I suggest abuse.

Normalization of bad behaviour is sponsored by sports promoters who call ‘sledging’ a normal part of the game when in fact it is ‘not Cricket’.  Head high tackles or punching in football is straight out assault and should be dealt with by Police.  I challenge the Commissioner of Police to restore order by monitoring the games and charging players with assault.  See then if this action stops the spate of ‘king hits’ in the streets where, ‘Monkey see, Monkey do.’

Tennis tantrums of racquet busting and abuse of Umpires is dealt with by penalties and also in Golf the Professional players are also constrained to behave.  The problem is encouragement of unethical club ‘match play tactics’ that really is cheating.  Ethics in Golf prevent actions that interfere with other players but in Match Play non talented players win by unethical baulking gamesmanship.  A renowned match play champion friend said of his success, “I just play good golf.”

Culture as a cause of barbarity is real when comparing Asian attitudes to Middle East attitudes to living in harmony.  The live and let live attitude of say, India is a guarantee of peace where anti-Jewish hatred in the Middle East will bring war.  Sahih Al-Bukhari, vol.4.b.52, Hadith #177 says of a stone, “O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.”  To follow this barbaric ideal is to place a curse on yourself and your children for no apparent reason but satanic inspiration.

Antichrist the coming world leader will worship the ‘god of forces’ also known as Satan the Devil, or Lucifer who comes to rob, kill, and destroy.  On the other hand Jesus came to bring peace and life more abundantly.  Your responsibility to God is to live according to righteousness and speak out against barbarity.  The media is the platform being used to change our way of life and you can compel them to issue healthy broadcasts for our children’s sake.

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