BODY PIERCING by Pastor Paul Locke for 2/07/2015

Tattoo is body art done with a needle and ink leaving a permanent mark on the skin.  This painful application of skin puncture with a needle bleeds and when it is done in prison they are called Boob Tattoos.  The Bible speaks of tattoos and is forbidden by God. (Lev 19:28)  The real issue is that demons can enter via the puncture marks and is like breaking a hedge whereby the serpent will bite you. (Ecc 10:8)

Pierced Earrings and other rings piercing the body have the same effect of opening doorways for evil spirits to enter.  (Lev 19:31)  Earrings are a sign of slavery in the Bible so a wise person would not do this. (Ex 21:6)  The signal one earring in a left ear to homosexuals is that the person is looking for a sexual encounter and an earring in the right ear signals that the person is a practicing homosexual.  They recruit through date rape drugs to unsuspecting encounters.

Push Pins are like gramophone needles inserted under the skin and used in Satanism to control people with demons.  A demon possessed boy was delivered when Jesus commanded evil spirits to leave. (Mtt 17:18)  Jesus redeemed the world from the curse of sin and death through His Blood.  It is written, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.  Whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (Jhn 3:16)

Sexual Penetration outside holy matrimony is considered to be sexually immoral and those unrepented are left outside of heaven. (Rev 22:15)  Paedophiles are a source of demonic possession of children and homosexual acts affect them and adults, who are like walking time bombs in our communities.  God allowed the world to be flooded to rid it of sexual deviates and also allowed the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah for the same reason. (Gen 6:5 & 19:7)  Same sex marriage is evil.

God Bless America from Gay Wrongs.  One Nation under God means under the Word of God so the same sex marriage judgement is flawed.  Let the Judges who made this ruling be judged by the Judge of the Universe as an example to the world like Eli, Phinehas and Hophni. (1Sam 3:11)  Christians know that man is made in the image of God and not born with a gay gene.  The curse that has now come on America must be repealed, so pray that this curse be lifted. (2Chr 7:14)


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