BORDER CONTROL by Pastor Paul Locke for loxland.com5/12/2016

U.S.A. Generals will first address incursions of Fifth Columnists in their land that is hidden from view in the form of Islamic Telephone warfare in mainland America.  Offshore call centres amount to the enemy controlling telecommunications worldwide.  Industrial espionage is rife and older people can remember Japan pillaging other nations by stealing patents thus avoiding the control and payments due to patent holders.  China is going down this path.

Australia has voided border control by allowing Malaysia a Muslim nation to buy Optus and exert control on Telstra.  Buy back Optus and keep control by government of Telstra, NBN, Commonwealth Bank, Snowy Mountains Hydro Scheme, Sydney Airport, Cubby Station, Darwin Harbour lease, just to name a few.  The new $5000 earning allowance for dole recipients will allow these people to work from home and take over the call centre work. 

N.B.N. is funded by taxpayers so control by non-government amounts to gross corruption by government just like Sydney Airport that is controlled by Muslims.  The buyback money is available to government who has the ability to remove bank authority to create credit without assets and let it rest on government to spend without interest on infrastructure.  Lack of action by politicians proves they are Illuminati the servants of the banks in the world.

Christians are the targets of Islamic business in Australia where they will just turn their backs and walk away to ignore the service for Christians.  This anti-Australian action must be stopped.  The explosion of high rise that in the past was not allowed smacks of corrupt urban planners seduced by Bin Laden Saudi Oil money. Politicians must take their hands off our protected and historic Cumberland Hospital and Parramatta Golf Course.  Open space is good.

Senators in Australian Federal Government have the power to change this corruption by first removing the finance and approval for the Sydney second airport.  The proposed high speed train to the Sydney airport removes need for a second airport and removes flyover disturbance of a soon to be densely populated area.  Do not allow misguided or corrupt State Politicians to dump an airport on Sydney.  Buy back control of Sydney Airport from private owners.


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