BRASSY HEAVENS by Pastor Paul Locke for 25/11/2016

Righteousness is the key for answered prayers. (Jas 5:16)  Christians in these last days will experience brassy heavens meaning unanswered prayer because it is predicted a falling away from the faith. (Mtt 24:9-10)  The Church is vulnerable through false teaching on being Born Again.  Antichrist Freemason wolves have taken over the Church and have wormed their way into church leadership of every denomination.  True Born Again Christians can discern their spirit.

Persecution is already aimed at those who believe in salvation through the Blood of Jesus as it was in the first Roman Empire. Satan has spies in our midst seeking ways to destroy us. (Mtt 26:14-16)  Worldwide he is constructing detention centres not for aliens but Christians and elimination may be beheading by guillotine. (Rev 20:4)  Parramatta Council ejected Christian churches from the town hall and now allows Muslim prayer rooms and also meetings by the Church of Scientology.

Second Roman Empire is the New Nazi Movement operating under the guise of United Nations, the New World Order. (Dan 10:14)  The coming Antichrist rises from this group and attempts to destroy the Church after his restrainer the Saints of the first resurrection have gone in the rapture. (1Thes 4:16-18)  The beginning of the seven year tribulation is immediately after the first rapture and then the Antichrist is revealed.

Second Rapture is during the first three and a half years of the Tribulation, called the ‘Beginning of Sorrows’ and later them who go to heaven are dressed in white. (Rev 7:14)  The Great Tribulation is the last half of the seven years and no one would survive it unless the time was cut short. (Mtt 24:22)  Armageddon is the valley of Megiddo, Israel and the downfall of Satan is by Jesus when he returns to earth with us who went with Him in the first rapture, the First Resurrection.

Born Again is a moment in time when after repentance you immediately receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit by the laying of hands of another Born Again Christian.  (Acts 8:18 & 21)  You must ask Jesus to do this and He does.  The short prayer can be found in Book section of for unsaved, saved, Muslims or Jews.  The importance to seeing and entering heaven is stressed in the Bible. (Jhn 3:3-5)


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