BREXIT BLESSING by Pastor Paul Locke 29/06/2016

Daniel the Prophet refers to the end time when the E.U. that empowers the Antichrist comes into being and has ten horns.It is a revival of the Roman Empire and speaks of three nations withdrawing from the Union but one turns back; and from this one nation comes the Antichrist, called the little horn a homosexual.My first thought was that it was Ireland because of the same sex marriage laws, but now it seems that Scotland is the dark hearted nation who would withdraw.

Godís Plan gives the reason for blessing Britain who is being pressured to change the vote.God would have it that there are boundaries that the devil cannot cross, and that boundary is between Scotland and England where a wall was built to keep out the Picts and Scots.Hadrianís Wall needs to be rebuilt as a border crossing to keep out the Roman EU and the no manís land up to the border left for the great horde of refugees that will come via Scotland.

Africans worldwide will want to return to Africa when it becomes one nation of many states all under one law given by God to England and now shared with this new nation United States of Africa.The now righteous Britain with the cancer excised will be a rally point for Africa to follow their advice on how to be great in the Lord.Liberated Africa can be the breadbasket for the world under a righteous rule.Democracy with foreign ownership extinguished is the blessing of God.

Educate Africans who are residing in England for the roles in politics and law to help in the transition to greatness.Re-direct investment to Africa so the people can rise above the European enforced poverty they have.The multitudes that die from starvation can be saved through righteous acts of the World Christian Community who have the power to sow into the welfare of Africa.This is Godís will, ĎJesus came to give life and life more abundantly.í

British who do not believe the exit is Godís plan should leave and go to Scotland where they are welcome.The Euro dollar is being made to collapse and for those who rely on it will have to take the mark of the beast to be able to buy and sell.Those who follow God and sow into Africa will not suffer the ungodly consequences.The Devil is a loser and so are his followers; the winners are all those who place their trust in Jesus and in his Blood.


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