BRITISH COMMONWEALTH by Pastor Paul Locke for 15/03/2016 and YouTube

Glory days before the present European United Nations structure the old British Commonwealth was impressive.  The old saying was that the sun never set on the British Empire.  Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has a duty before God to encourage the Commonwealth to be separate from European United Nations.  Recent criticism and distorting her words regarding United Nations really brings focus back on her to do something to help the Commonwealth to shake off the U.N. chains.

Scripturally the United Nations only ever have control over one quarter of the world population and the downside for them is they sponsor the Antichrist.  We cannot serve two masters and certainly not ungodly nations, so remember God blessed Britain for taking the Gospel to the nations and we are not to fellowship with unbelievers.  Serving with them is not permitted, but reaching out to them with the Gospel will save many of them.

Constitution model for nations evolved adopting God given British common and case law.  Every third world nation that has become a Republic has seen gross corruption and prone to bouts of dictatorships.  The people suffer and pauperised by selling off national assets.  A Monarch who allows injustice for fear of their personal standing being attacked is no different to the bad Kings of Israel who brought disaster on the people.

Refugees are created by destabilizing nations and allowing rule by criminals.  Britain has a God given responsibility to all of Africa to unify them and help them to rise above their poverty.  The Commonwealth free of the United Nations can do this because of the great good they have done in Africa in the past.  Africans will rally to be one nation in unity if given the chance to be under the one constitution and laws.  Israel is reaching out to Africa in trade and so should Britain.

Christians are given great power to exercise on earth and need to bind the bad things on earth and those things will be bound in heaven.  These keys need to be used to bring out this result to negate the power exercised by evil people through Satan.    Most Politicians go into service ready to do good but sadly along the way realise that their hands are tied through treaties made with the United Nations.  Germany does not allow the treaty to overrule their Constitution.


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