HOUSING BUBBLE by Pastor Paul Locke for loxland.com 6/04/2015

Pauperisation of the people in the world is the aim of the New World Order and revealed in a secret taping of a conversation between billionaires at an I.M.F. meeting more than two decades ago.  The plan was to create a Green Bank that would lend at very low interest to create a housing boom and after manipulating national finance to cause a recession; then take the property from the defaulting home owners.  This has happened all around the world at this time.

Politicians will reveal their true allegiance at this time when it is not too late to prevent Australia going bankrupt.  Increasing GST will not address the problem in Federal budget deficits but place a further burden on the poor.  Home building needs stimulation because history tells us that this area always was the first to lead this nation out of recession.  There is talk about lowering interest rates in an effort to stem the rapid home price increases and this is folly.

Sydney needs to drop the Badgerys Creek Airport plan and rezone all the land to residential.  The rapid release of the land will prevent price rises and the huge gap in community housing can be addressed.  Make every second block of land leasehold and covenant the subdivisions to prevent the huge dwellings that dominate the north western suburbs.  First home buyers should be given the access to the leasehold land.

Airport should be at Richmond and the RAAF moved to Williamstown.  This airport should always remain under government control and not sold or leased to private parties.  Mascot Airport gouges for parking and train travel.  Rail and road corridors already exist to Richmond and the flight paths would avoid residential areas.  Costs to the Federal Budget for Badgerys Creek will be eliminated and turned into a cash cow.  No one wants the Badgerys Creek airport solution.

Strata title the subdivisions by about fifty lots to introduce new principles for community living.  Each precinct to be under the Strata Titles act with control by the Corporate Body of residents and rated like one block of units.  Housing department must not be part of this governance to prevent them making the usual dumpy ghettos.  This approach will control the likes of Bondi Hoarders, noisy occupants, maintenance neglect, and promote unity.   

Dumping refugees has been moved from Penrith area to Parramatta and there will be a backlash.  The new suburbs and community housing at Badgerys Creek will solve the problem and prevent racial tension.  Refugees are being placed at the front of the Community housing queues and housing department workers say they have priority.  Implementation should be as if Australia was at war and act swiftly before an imminent bubble burst.  Guarantee non foreclosure of present loans.

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