CHANGELINGS by Pastor Paul Locke for 4/10/2017

Disguises come in the form of face masks or false beards and wigs.  The purpose of a disguise is to appear as a different person: a change of identity.  Actors do this to appear genuine in a role they play; for example a circus clown.  Criminals use a disguise to prevent being identified when they perform a robbery.  Satan appears as an Angel of Light, (2Cor 11:14) or the identity of a guest may be hidden in service of God. (Heb 13:2)

Invisibility is another form of disguise that allows Angels or Demons to operate unnoticed in our immediate invisible dimension the second heaven. (Col 1:16)  Some people can see into the invisible realm and this is a gift of God called spiritual discernment. (Lk 24:16 & 31)  I personally can discern spirits but have asked God not to show me demons that would distract me in my duties for I believe for me it is sufficient to know they are there.

Identity Theft is usually performed in the spiritual realm by demons that are given roles to perform by Satan. (2Cor 12:7)  On earth Satan uses criminals to steal a person’s financial information to rob them. (Jhn 10:10)  Their task is made easier through the modern day Internet but in the past they become Forgers who imitate a signature of the target person in an effort to access their money.

God speaks to each man through dreams and visions but general revelation comes through the written Word of God. (Mtt 4:4)  God calls Prophets who take messages to people groups to whom that Prophet is assigned. (Amos 3:7)  The messages come to some as warnings of impending danger whilst to others it may be specific directions on which way to go home to avoid being eaten by a lion.  God spoke through Balaam’s donkey.

Satan speaks with a forked tongue telling lies because he is the ‘Father of Lies’ and the serpent in the garden. (Jhn 8:44)  Satan changes from appearing as the Dragon to the most beautiful angel ‘Lucifer’ when he tries to frighten you or trick you. (Job 3:25)  Protection from Satan is through faith in the Blood of Jesus Christ that cleanses us from sin and this knowledge prevents us from perishing.


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