CHOICES by Pastor Paul Locke for 7/08/2015

Options are laid out before us by God and listed in order of priority. (Ex 20:1-21)  Love God because He first loved you and then obey Him because it is the highest form of worship. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. (Mtt 11:30)  Trust and obey is the application of faith to the knowledge of God for it is written, “Without faith you cannot please God.”  God gives us the choice to follow Him or the Devil, and God tells us to choose life.

Leadership is the ability to influence others and following the right leader is a choice. The Devil is a liar and is the Father of Lies so we need to have a travel plan so we can know who to follow. (Jer 29:11)  Being led by the Holy Spirit is advised if we want to arrive at the right destination.  The right choice is Holiness a place where we enter into the family of God and proof of adoption as Sons of God is Blessed Assurance that we made the right choice. (Rom 8:14)

Highway of Holiness is a one way street and exclusive to righteous travellers whose choice to travel on it determines their tomorrow. (Isa 35:8)   Some walk on the journey that can be described as a Pilgrim’s Progress or go by Chariots of Fire a rapid journey. (2Ki 2:11)  More modern travellers use a wormhole in space and see light at the end of the tunnel and travel faster than light.  The heavenly destination is the same and is the place where God has His throne room.

Salvation is a condition of righteousness for people who have chosen to believe they are washed in the Blood of Jesus Christ. (Rom 3:25)  They are persuaded that nothing can separate them from the love of God who gave His only begotten son Jesus that they can have eternal life by faith. (Rom 8:39)  Heaven is real to these believers who have received assurance through hearing the Gospel of Salvation unlike those who think it foolishness.

Sign of the cross is a constant reminder of the redemptive work of Jesus to those who chose life.  Access to the Tree of Life is the benefit for those who make the choice to travel on the Highway and have arrived at the destination called Heaven. (Rev 22:14)  Children have an acceptance of this truth unless someone evil brainwashes them with lies.  The Law of God is for all people on this earth and the curse is removed for Christians. (Gal 3:13)


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