CHRIST-MASS by Pastor Paul Locke for 17/12/2015 and YouTube

Date of 25th December each year is celebrating Christmas Day world-wide and has significance to different members of society.  To Christians we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ our Saviour and His birth was prophesied. (Isa 7:14 & Lk 1:31-32)  Christmas holidays are pleasing to most as a time of rest from work and a time of great joy in the festive season.  Children anxiously wait for Christmas as a time to receive gifts and lollies.  Angels announced a time of great joy. (Lk 2:10)

Santa Claus is an abbreviated name of Saint Nicholas a person in legend who brought gifts to the poor emulating the Wise Men who brought gifts for Baby Jesus. (Mtt 2:11b)  A similar story attributed to Saint Wenceslaus a King revered in the Christmas Carol who also braved the snow to bring alms to the poor on the feast of St. Stephen. (Acts 7:56)  These good deeds help to copy Jesus who focussed on children as the pure of heart.

Mass is Holy Communion that Christians celebrate as often as they come together. (1Cor 11:26)  Christmas is a more important celebration of Mass and Easter is the most important celebration. (Mk 16:6-7)  Christmas to Christians is a holy time when the focus is on Jesus.  Some Christians are hard line religious zealots who see bad things with Santa Claus and I say to them “Ease up!” and let the children have a good time, just like Jesus would do. 

Feast Days to Jews are set by God but Christians celebrate every day and were rebuked for overdoing the Christian celebration feasts. (1Cor 11:34)  Christmas feast is celebrated with fine food and gifts to one another, a time of good will.  The greatest feast for believers is the coming Wedding Supper of the Lamb (Rev 19:7) that occurs in heaven during the tribulation that is to come on earth.  We like a bride must make ourselves ready wearing robes of righteousness.

Carols are worship songs useful in teaching the children theology in an enjoyable way.  Praise and worship to God disarms the devil that would if he could spoil Christmas. (Jhn 10:10) Give thanks to God for the thing He has done and to Jesus who laid down His life for you. (Jhn 3:16)  God is moving by His Holy Spirit all around the world bringing people into the Family of God through miracles, signs, and wonders.  A revival is happening everywhere.


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