WHITEHOUSE CLEANING by Pastor Paul Locke for loxland.com 24/09/2017

Donald Trump POTUS is well advised to take a second look at his home the Whitehouse because past tenants certainly would have left demonic spirits behind.  Spiritual housecleaning creates a peaceful environment for the President and his family.  Rash and radical decisions are demonically inspired so a wise person would ensure that this does not occur.  Alice Smith spoke about Spiritual Housecleaning on the Benny Hinn television broadcast and the POTUS should check it out.

Pastor Daniel Pata who is one of our team recently anointed the land and buildings of his parents in Ethiopia that was cursed.  Terrible things happened there for years and they were aware of the curse.  Immediately after anointing; the atmosphere changed, and to the guests at the funeral of Daniel’s brother became a time of great joy instead of a wake.  Revival in Ethiopia has begun from the funeral crowd inspired to recommit their lives and ask God for baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Ancient Curses are Biblical and Satan acts according to the curses.  Evil people know how effective the curses are and this is the reason the Romans sacrificed a pig on the altar of the Temple in Jerusalem.  God demonstrated his opposition to other gods when he broke the statue of Dagon that was placed in the same area as the Ark of the Covenant.  All mankind is cursed through Adam except those who believe that Jesus took upon himself the curses.

Anointing Oil to Christians is any oil prayed over by them in faith asking God to make it His holy anointing oil.  Whatever is touched by the Anointing Oil becomes most holy and whatever touches the most holy item becomes holy.  This promise was given to the Israelites in the wilderness and is a promise for today as well.  I usually anoint boundaries or buildings making a small sign of the cross saying, ‘in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit’.

Fresh Incursions come regularly by demons that attach themselves to items brought indoors and I anoint the items to clean them of demons.  People coming and going carry demons into the Whitehouse, so pray regularly binding the demons and commanding your Guardian Angels to take them bound and cast them into the bottomless pit from where they shall not return.  Unbelievers scoff but God will prove to you the validity of your actions.  POTUS do not scoff but believe.


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