COMING OF AGE by Pastor Paul Locke for 12/01/2016 and YouTube

Twenty One years old is seen by the world as coming of age when the keys of the city are given as a sign of release.  In the heavenlies there are parallels to earthly things particularly spiritual authority keys that are given to Born Again Christians to bind and loose. (Mtt 16:19)  Ages and times are continually referred to in the Bible as guides to the past, present, and future. (Mtt 24:10-13)  The birth of Jesus Christ is the most significant guide to the coming of his rule on earth in the future.

Holy Bible is mostly prophecy from God recording as a testimony the coming eternal rule of God on earth.  The virgin birth of Jesus Christ fulfilled a large number of these prophecies covering his life and ministry and the later crucifixion that dealt with sin in the world. (Isa 7:14)  The last book in the Bible, Revelation, is the testimony of Jesus called the ‘Spirit of the Prophets’ and is the plan of God for this world. (Rev 22:6)

Millennium Reign of Jesus is for one thousand years on earth before the end replacement with a new earth. (Rev 21:1)  During this new millennium people get saved and some do not; even though they have the supernatural influence of the rule of Jesus. (Rev 21:7-8)  Believers congregate in worship to God during this time in preparation for life in the eternal kingdom.  The congregation of believers in this time are known as the ‘New Millennium Church.’ 

Satan, Antichrist, and False Prophet are the demonic triune anti Godhead who are despatched by Jesus on His return to rule and reign.  Satan is locked away for a thousand years and the other two are thrown into the lake of burning sulphur. (Rev 20:10)  The Elect are those whose names are found written in the Lamb’s Book of Life and those who are not entered therein are thrown into the lake of fire. (Rev 20:15)

New Millennium Church exists and will turn twenty one on the first day of February 2016 according to prophecy.  God gave Nostradamus (Num 22:33) this date in 1995 as commencement and was registered by me as a church on that day.  The end of the age of dispensation is near and the millennium reign of Jesus Christ is also near so apply your faith saying, “The name of the Lord is a strong Tower and the righteous run into it and are safe.” (Pr 18:10)


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