CONFUSION by Pastor Paul Locke for 16/03/2017

Knowledge is a gift from God and is our defence against confusion. (1Cor 12:8)  Confusion is from the devil and a cause for double mindedness making man unstable in all his ways. (Jas 1:8)  The Bible says that “My people perish through the lack of knowledge,” so we are encouraged to study to make ourselves qualified to teach others.  Preparation for life is best engendered to male students by male teachers and likewise to females by female teachers.

Co-Ed schools do not produce many ladies and gentlemen but are a source of bullying by those showing off to the opposite sex.  In my final year of school I was moved to a co-ed school and had to fight and win daily with every bully in school until they gave up.  Females teaching boys confuses them on gender issues and is ungodly, “If a man has long hair it is a disgrace to him but if a woman has long hair it is her glory.” (1Cor 11:14-15)  Raise a child in the knowledge of God. (2Pt 1:3)

Constraints for the luxury of segregated classes in small country towns the community is best served by having male teachers who raise the self-image of girls to a lady status.  The Women’s Movement unfortunately has a downside in raising the status of women in that they take upon themselves the Gaia spirit from hell. (Hos 5:4)  In their efforts they take the ‘cracking a nut with a sledge hammer approach’ to men; they reveal weakness.  Humble yourselves in the eyes of the Lord. (Ps 138:6)

Antichrist is among us now waiting for the time when he will be revealed after the rapture of the Church. (Rev 6:2 & 8)  Mankind must have their names written in the Lamb’s Book of Life to be eligible to go to be with Jesus and avoid the Lake of Fire. (Rev 20:15)   Let not your hearts be troubled for the victory belongs to the Lord and He will lift you up.  Be strong; be bold, for the Lord your God is with you, so when God is for you who can be against you.

Gospel message tells us that we are gender equal in the sight of God, “For there is no difference between Jew or Greek, male or female.” (Gal 3:28)   Jesus came to set the captives of sin free through the sacrifice of his life and blood for the forgiveness of sin. (Rom 3:25)  Do not be left behind at the coming of the Lord in the air to lift us up to be with him forever, choose this day whom you will serve, God or Satan.


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