DEATH LIST by Pastor Paul Locke for 14/09/2016

Hitler Germany compiled extermination lists for all who were not of Aryan descent and began killing hospitalized non-Aryan races. Modern day Eugenics is a form of racial cleansing and is being practised widespread in Africa through food modified sterilization.High level politicians including a notable U.S. President have set a world population target of merely five hundred million.The New Nazi movement is alive and well ready to support the coming Antichrist.

Hit list begins with the most vulnerable in society created through manipulation of a nationís irrational hate.An Aboriginal or Same Sex Marriage confrontation is part of the Nazi plan to kill them.Removal of good will through legal process is exactly what Nazis plan to be able to brutalize the vulnerable.My advice is to let sleeping dogs lay or else you will wake a sleeping giant.Let more water pass under the bridge for the heat to come out of any argument.

Proof of Plan can be found in history about the Rise of the Third Reich where the Reichstag fire was falsely used to promote hatred to Communists and allow the passing of an Enabling Act of Parliament that gave Hitler dictator powers.The gradual increase in anti-Terrorist power in Australia is moving towards the same set of circumstances that Hitler used and subsequently Stalin used to subvert Europe.Beware of corrupt party Politicians, the Illuminati.

Bakerís Dozen is a fair representation of who will live and who will die, so if you are not the chosen one in each dozen people then you will be exterminated.This is their plan, but; God has a plan that is available to all people to avoid this extermination and we must choose.The Bible tells us that those who have Jesus in their hearts (the restrainer of the devil) will not suffer wrath but lifted up to be with Jesus in the air to be with him forever; then the Antichrist will be revealed.

How soon? is the question and the answer is that no one knows.Jesus gave signs to watch out for to be able to know the season and we are to be ready.I think all the signs have appeared and the time has arrived so it may be today or tonight.It is sad for those left behind because they will be left to perish forever by taking the mark of the beast or else lose their heads for the sake faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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