DEVIL’S SNARE by Pastor Paul Locke for 23/02/2017

Tradition is an obvious way that the Devil draws people into his web or otherwise called a ‘snare of the fowler’. (Ps 91:3)  Negative words that come from our mouths are used as ammunition to destroy us for ‘The devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy’. (Jhn 10:10)  Prayers, praise, worship and giving thanks to God is the method we are to use regularly for protection from falling into the trap of tradition.  Tradition is learnt behaviour opposite to leading by the Holy Spirit.

Let the weak say I am strong is what we confess, or let the poor say I am rich also is a positive application of faith.  This is a lesson on how the Kingdom of God operates because Jesus said, ‘Have faith in God.’ (Mk 11:22)  When we pray we are to believe that your need is known by God before you ask him. (Mtt 6:8)  The prayer of a righteous man availeth much means our faith has been connected to God’s faith and able to do all things.

Fear demonstrates a lack of faith for it is written ‘What I have feared has come upon me.’ (Job 3:25)  The Patriarchs are examples of men and women of faith and useful for teaching us how to behave.  Heroism is found in people who overcome fear and face death in Christ Jesus, and many heroes were those who died facing lions in the arena in Rome singing praises to the Lord.  It is written, “Fear not, for I AM with you.  Sayeth the Lord.” (Isa 41:10)

Love overcomes evil and is a self-test of Christianity. (1Jhn 2:3-11)  Without love we are powerless to properly use the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the tools to help us carry out the commands of Jesus. (1Cor 13:1-3)  The love and gifts are central to how people respond to our evangelistic Gospel message and I have called this condition a double anointing that I have heard is the third wave, the Elisha anointing the double of Elijah anointing.

Plead the Blood of Jesus by faith is the way to fight the devil.  The devil cannot cross the bloodline for example anointing the doors in Egypt was the way for the Angel of Death to Passover that house. (Ex 12:13)  There is only one sacrifice for all sin for all time and that is by the Blood of Jesus, so pleading the blood is speaking by faith.  We use the anointing oil to take the place of blood and we declare that what we anointed is ‘Most Holy.’ (Ex 30:29)


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