DRY BONES by Pastor Paul Locke for loxland.com 10/02/2017

Call to Prophesy was from God to Ezekiel who was able because God placed his Holy Spirit in him. (Ezek 2:2)  The Valley of Dry Bones referred to the house of Israel the largest group of exiles who lived in Iraq for 2500 years until 1948 when Israel became a nation.  At that time the Arabs expelled Jews from Iraq after taking over their assets and giving them one English Pound.  God promised to give these Jews his Holy Spirit. (Ezek 37:14)

Israel and the Church both lack miraculous power, a gift intended for them to be able to overcome the world.  This power is available to those who seek it, (Lk 11:13) and demonstrated through the prayers of King Hezekiah when Jerusalem was under siege by King Sennacherib. (2Kgs 19:25 & 35)  Those in relationship with God are hedged with angels who protect them from harm and should be mindful that sinning breaks that hedge allowing the serpent to bite them.

Righteousness is nearness to God and sin is defined as ‘separation from God.’  Everyone whether Jew or Gentile must sow into God a tithe a repayment of one tenth of what He has given you.  Failures to sow by those not in Christ Jesus are still under the Old Testament curse for robbing God. (Mal 3:9-10)  Those under Grace by faith in Jesus Christ are not cursed but encouraged to sow a seed if they have a need. (Gal 6:7)

Rome in the Jewish mindset is Edom an enemy who in the form of the Catholic Church has persecuted them. (Rev 18:23-24)  In ignorance Rome blames Jews for killing Jesus, when in truth it was Satan who God blamed and ruled against him for killing Jesus an innocent man.  The treatment of Jews by Rome is the reason in these end days God has made a righteous judgement against them.  The Beast and the False Prophet will be thrown together with Satan. (Rev 19:20)

Messiah is Lord Jesus Christ a Jew, who came into his own, and his own received him not. (Jhn 1:11)  When the Russians come, who will call down the hailstones?  Will the Jews be revived Dry Bones filled with the Holy Spirit and power? In Jesus’ name I bind the spirit of fear in Jews that prevent them from seeking prayer to receive Circumcision of the Heart by the Holy Spirit. (Jer 9:25-26)  see (www.loxland.com/Doc1.docx)


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