DUAL CITIZENSHIP by Pastor Paul Locke for loxland.com 23/08/2017

Loyalty to the people who placed their trust in a candidate is central to the provision in the Australian Constitution that prohibits dual citizens serving.  This provision also covers membership of Secret Societies that divides loyalties and I name them to be Skull & Bones, Illuminati, Freemasonry, and Jesuits all of whom make blood oaths to serve non-Australian entities above the people they are supposed to serve.  Lie detector tests for all politicians would sort them out.

War footing in the Middle East brings into question the loyalty of so called refugees and whether all should be returned to their home nations after peace is restored?  Imagine seeing your home town being bombed on television and how you would feel towards Australians in deciding what you would do?  The Pub Test would indicate that what happened in the past war should happen today and that is to remove the threat of local insurgency by internment.

Draconian Laws are being introduced taking away freedom of the past in Australia all because of lack of border control.  Loss of past freedom is the casualty of weak politicians and is exactly what Hitler did to gain power.  I never got to vote to allow U.N. laws to override ours that dictate Homosexuality or forced refugee intake, so I say it is time to vote for or against AUSEXIT a Brexit type referendum to determine our future.

Privatisation of Assets is a method of corruption in Government and amounts to loss of sovereignty by Australians; called Globalisation a move towards a One World Government.  Sydney Airport residents had their homes double glazed at great expense and now Badgerys Creek Airport is going to allow noise and danger to overfly western suburbs homes.  This airport is not necessary and can be replaced by high speed rail.  E.g. New York no flyovers

Musical Chairs is a game of when the music stops places are exchanged.  Those involved are playing a deadly game of introducing unfashionable laws by false mandate.  Tony Abbot, Malcolm Turnbull, and Bill Shorten are all Rhodes Scholars or Jesuit and wear the same hats of Illuminati.  What will the Lord say to Christians for not serving in a Theocratic Government?   The Lord says, “They have rejected me as their king.” (1Sam 8:7)


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