EDUCATION by Pastor Paul Locke for 1/12/2013

Safety net of basic teaching is overlooked and the top end promoted by manipulative teachers.  There is a method available to teach even babies how to read and write but is contrary to edicts of the Left Wing Teachers Union.  Lazy teachers will not spend the time needed to impart the alphabet, times tables, and spelling bees that all children would benefit from even into old age where phonetics have rewired the brain to mentally process most things.

Crime and poverty are linked to uneducated people who become a drain on society and the first thing a nation must do is raise the level of prosperity.  In my youth mothers did not go to work because the income of the father was sufficient for them all.  Now a family cannot prosper unless both mother and father go out to work.  The standard of prosperity has in fact fallen due to government decisions.

Government buildings are underutilised being vacant most of the time.  Cost to families is great because service providers must invest on infrastructure to operate.  Sane thinking would ensure all children could enter into free childcare run by volunteers.  Take for instance the Town Halls usually are central and easy to reach by all or an existing school building would even be better allowing older sibling oversight travelling to and from.

Gonski report may reflect high minded ideals but must address first the personal needs of families and their priorities.  A working mother may need to place a small child in care at dawn to travel an hour or more to work, so what can you do to help.  An Indigenous Mother in the country may have different needs or a one parent household may differ.  Community childcare is practiced even by Eskimos so we should promote free early learning childcare centres to address literacy and numeracy of students. 

Education Industry used to benefit overseas students is counterproductive even though some are making profits from them.  Our infrastructure is being overloaded by the extra burden that would be better applied to our own residents.  Funding for schools and universities should only be given to service Australians and let the private providers to overseas students find their own buildings and resources elsewhere. 

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