EGYPT IN FUTURE by Pastor Paul Locke for 27/10/2014

Cherry picking from the Bible is to tickle the ears of people who really need to hear the truth.  The remnant of Israel escaping to Edom infers a small number when taken in context that all Israel will be saved.  So what happens to most of the Jews is that they can choose to believe in Jesus as the Christ just like the original Church and be taken up in the rapture. (Rev 7:14)  The unbelieving remnant will have to wait to see Jesus at his second coming. (Rev 19:11-21)

Egypt on the other hand is without excuse because the supernatural power of the Gospel can save them if they choose to believe.  The Christians in Egypt will be removed in the rapture leaving the infidels to face the coming destruction foretold by God. (Isa 19:16-20)  Afterwards Egypt will turn to God and be blessed having in their midst an altar to the Lord and five cities that speak Hebrew; one will be called the ‘City of Destruction’. (Isa 19:21-25)

Confederation of Arab states has already come to pass in I.S.I.L. and they go against the 1917 Balfour Agreement that allocated land won from the Turks.  This allotment of about 55,000 square kilometres was for the new Jewish state, but the bulk of the land was claimed by Jordan when they became a nation in 1947.  The unclaimed residue of barren land of about 10,000 square kilometres west of the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea including the West Bank and Gaza was then allocated by the United Nations to Israel. 

Near Neighbours of Israel will be annexed by Israel in the coming war and are the inner circle of nations.  The Jews devour the house of Esau and possess their land. (Ob 1:18-19)  They will set up prison camps in Lebanon and in the south where the remnant of the enemies of Israel will be kept.  These peoples are defined as Jordanians, Saudi Arabians, Palestinians, Egyptians, Sinaites, Lebanese, Iraqis and Syrians. (Ps 83:5-8)

Supporters are those sympathetic to the Confederation and they will be lured to destruction by the wealth acquired by Israel through the earlier conflict of the near neighbours. (Ezek 38:12-13)  They are defined as Russia, Iran, Turkey, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Ethiopia, and Libya. (Ezek 38:10-11)  Seven years after the first rapture of the Church the Antichrist raises an army for the losing battle of Armageddon that is waged by Jesus against them.

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