ELECTION TRICKERY by Pastor Paul Locke for loxland.com 14/03/2015

NSW State Elections have two party leaders claiming to be of the Roman Catholic faith that to me seems to be an oxy-moron.  On one side there is a threat made not to provide services unless people vote them into office.  The other leader was assured of receiving votes from those who objected to the manipulation.  The question is why he threw away any chance of election when it was in the bag?  Publicly supporting gay marriage automatically cost him the Christian votes.

Mandate for reform is falsely claimed when a party is elected to office and this is the reason politicians cannot be trusted.  The Premier should study the Electoral Act to determine if the inducement is legal even though Christian Ethics certainly are opposed to that action.  The Crimes Act almost nails it as a felony so why go down that road.  The whole purpose of government is to conduct debate on matters and not be a rubber stamp.

One Week is all that is allowed for these two apparent conspirators to review their policies and renounce them.  If not; then a last minute action by Patriots should repeat the face slap given to past PM John Howard for his disdain of voters.  Patriots should target the seats of both party leaders and vote to replace them with suitable independent candidates.  How dare they try to give a mandate by default?

I.C.A.C. inquiry into Local Government is sorely needed for Parramatta Council that smacks of corruption when dealing with parking and developers.  The first sign of corruption is harshness to some and favour to others.  Those used to having their palms greased do nothing without reward, so the honest get nothing.  I remember the sacking of Gosford Council because they; through lack of oversight by paid staff; fell into corruption.  Corruption starts within the staff first.

Gross Darkness is coming upon the world in these last days before the Day of the Lord.  I am not surprised at the devil may care attitude of people serving the public because I have witnessed the bad behaviour that causes nations to be called third world.  One should read the lessons for all nations in a book titled “Truth out of Africa” by (Ivor Benson 1982 Veritas Publishing, Bullsbrook W.A.) and discover how the devil uses politics.

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