DISCERNING SPIRITS      by Pastor Paul Locke

Discernment is where by the Holy Spirit one can know things about the surroundings that others do not know.  The world considers that this type of knowledge is learned through science, books, and guesswork not forgetting body language and witchcraft.  The Bible tells us that we can have the Spiritual gifts of prophecy, knowledge, interpreting tongues, and discerning spirits.  These awareness gifts are powerful tools, God’s armour used in spiritual warfare. (Eph 6:11)

The gifts are like tools on an electrician’s belt that are used when the circumstances require it. (1Cor 12:7-10)  All gifts are available to those who believe they are available as we receive according to the measure of our faith.  The common teaching is that we only get one gift or maybe two when we count the gift of tongues.  I personally asked and received every gift and was shown how to operate them.  The gift of discerning spirits has many facets that I will teach you.

The gifts are available to those baptised in the Holy Spirit, and I see this as an incentive to Christians who want to operate in the supernatural.  My personal testimony is that God revealed to me I was going to hell as a believer until it all changed when I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  It was then I received the gifts and changed from being a spiritual weakling who kept falling in and out of sin.  If you have the baptism then you are a mighty warrior whom the devil fears.

Some see angels and demons but I asked God not to see demons in case they distract me.  It is sufficient to know they are there at least six per person on this earth considering one third of the hundred billion angels (Rev 5:11) were cast down to earth with Satan. (Rev 12:4)  These demons use human bodies and are cast out when people repent and to remain that way we minister the Holy Spirit to them.  The devil controlled Elymas and Saul said, “You are a child of the devil.” (Acts 13:10)

We can see and feel demonic presence in people by signs and sensations.  Visible signs are that demons tremble in the presence of the Lord in you, or physically their eyes change colour, sometimes black and sometimes serpentine.  Demons speak as written, “What do you want with us Son of God.” (Mtt 8:29)   When you feel a person does not like you, so then you can be sure they have a different spirit. 

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