DISCIPLE HOW?     by Pastor Paul Locke

When a person says; “How many and Where are they?” then I know that this person does not have an Evangelists heart.  This tells me they have not properly considered the circumstances that come with evangelism work.  The statement constricts evangelism if you win souls away from your local church area where it would be impractical to disciple your converts.  Even so if you won them locally and took them to your church they must take them from you and teach them. The reason is that every Ministry Gift can be found in the church (ICor 12:5-6) and teachers abound whilst good Evangelists are rare.  Evangelists bring many people to the Lord and should not be burdened with disciples who need much attention. 

The definition of Disciple must mean something else or includes something other than commonly thought.  Disciple means student or pupil to a teacher and it is possible to appoint people to be students to another teacher without going outside the meaning.  In the book by Donald McGavran ‘Understanding Church Growth’ page 123 he speaks about anti growth that is caused by misunderstanding the principle of discipleship.  To overcome argument he simply defines D1, D2, and D3, that starts with first contact and ends with perfecting by the church.  All are valid fulfilment of the duty to disciple.  Evangelists operate with the D1 where new converts are ministered the baptism of the Holy Spirit that makes them a disciple of the Holy Spirit who takes them to a church to be perfected.

Encourage new believers in the market place and tell them who they are in Christ.  Tell them that it is the renewing of their minds by the Holy Spirit that takes them from Glory to Glory.  Affirm how the Gospel works in building their faith and stress the importance of fellowship of the Holy Spirit.  Tell them that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth leading us into all righteousness.  Also that the Holy Spirit reveals who Jesus is and confirms our salvation.  We tell them that the Holy Spirit is Jesus who brings peace and joy.

To overcome the prejudice of common church teaching I quote, (2Cor 3:6)“the word kills, but the Spirit gives life.”  I have heard say, “It is better felt than teltand this means to me that experiencing a touch from God is the best way to reach peoples hearts.  So rely on the Holy Spirit to help the new believer to find a church and release them back into the harvest as seed.  These new people are so excited with the new experience that nothing you do should dampen, or quench the Spirit.  I tell them that as seed I expect a hundredfold harvest from them, and that whomever they lay hands on they will be healed.  The answer you give to the churches about the harvest is “If you want fruit, first you must sow a worker into the harvest and pray not to muzzle the oxen grinding the grain.”(1Cor 9:9-10)  Church growth comes from Jesus who is building the Church.

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