DIVINE APPOINTMENTS     by Pastor Paul Locke

Working with the Holy Spirit is the prime focus of this course and I have never been told how to do this.  My information came directly from the Holy Spirit over the past eighteen years and this course is my attempt to condense the material to save you time.  Success in what you do is the yardstick that tells me that you are tuned into God in the way He wants.  A Divine Appointment is where God brings you and the other person together at a place and point of time, “moved by the Spirit He went…” (Lk 2:27)

The appointment is made because God has read the heart of the person who seeks Him.  An example is Saul and Ananias. (Acts 9:6, 11-12)  God brought people to me at my office by translating them in a miraculous manner (Acts 9:39) that caused them to say, “What am I doing here?”  These people parked outside L.J. Hooker Real Estate Office half a kilometre away, crossed the road, opened the L.J.Hooker door but walked into my office.  Their hearts were prepared and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit at that time.  The frequency of these events was as many as ten people a day.

It is important to treat every meeting you have as a Divine Appointment (Gen 18:2) for some may be entertaining angels.  God loves this attitude which has an effect of causing you to focus on God instead of yourself.  This attitude makes your work so much easier when you are able to say after rejection of your approach, “It was not his time.”  This conclusion only makes you keener to approach more people in the knowledge that when you do meet your appointment they will say yes.  While you are doing the work I have heard it said, “Like a moving ship you are able to be steered.”

Why did God choose me?” (Isa 41:9)  This is a valid question that deserves an answer for those God does not use.  Your ‘be attitude’ is what make you a tool in God’s hands, but first you must be able to impart the Holy Spirit.  In my book ‘I will serve no foreign god’ published on this website speaks of this in the chapter ‘Clarice comes to Sydney.  This proved to me that we who are prepared are so rare that God had to bring my sister Clarice from the border of Queensland to me.

You can ask for Divine Appointments (Mtt 7:7) and we do this when we come together to do the work.  Only yesterday Sunday in the Mall where we preach I asked God for a Divine Appointment and immediately He brought a large group of Christians to me.  I ministered the Holy Spirit to about fifteen of them.  The best thing for us to remember is that God reads our hearts and minds to see if we are committed to being led by the Holy Spirit; then know He will use us in the work.

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