Preparing Harvesters in the Kingdom of God and teaching them how to work with the Holy Spirit.

It has been on my heart for some time to share with the world what God has shown me about the work of an Evangelist.  Up until now I was not sure how God wanted me to go about this task, but now is revealed that this Online School is the way to go.  This is a free Course that upon satisfactorily completing a set examination may be awarded a Certificate for three unit credits by me, Pastor Paul Locke an approved Evangelic Training Association Teacher.   Click on the blue tagged words to activate the link to that page. 


I found the Evangelism course that I studied at Bible College was unsatisfactory, simply because the focus was on history instead of actual experience.  The information in this course will immediately equip students with power to bring in a harvest of souls for the Kingdom.  The Course is comprised of three questions some with many facets and the questions are: - “WHO?”, “WHY?”, and “HOW?”

The “WHO?” question deals with who you are  and who they are.  This page deals with your strengths and some shortcomings of the lost.

The “WHY?” question is an overview of the Great Commission and compares the Church view with God’s view.  

The “HOW?” question covers the following areas and others as they arise: -        

Part One (a) Unity,  (b) Workplace, (c) Fit & Proper, (d) Disciples, (e) Territorial spirits, (f) The Anointing, (g) Born Again, (h) Forgiveness, (i) Impartation, (j) Prayer, (k) Harvesters, (l) Miracles,                                                                                                                   

Part Two. (m) Attitude, (n) Tongues, (o) Angels, (p) Preaching (q) Prophecy, (r) Empire building, (s) Seed, (t) Discernment, (u) Divine Appointments, (v) Exclusive, (w) Selling, (x) Xfactor, (y) Hide.

The information on each subject will be limited to one page each time that will make it easy to read and remember for examination purposes.  The final examination will be in the form of two 1500 word book revues that reveal to the marker that you have in fact studied the course and understand the information.  In addition a 1000 word essay is required giving your personal testimony that includes your Born again experience and subsequent harvesting work.  Field work is required in this course that may be arranged upon making contact with us.   An examination fee may be required.

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