WHY EVANGELISM?     by Pastor Paul Locke

One of the seven commands of Jesus is the ‘Great Commission’ (Mtt 28:19) telling all believers to ‘go into all the world’ and preach the Gospel.  Some places in the world are great distances from your home and it is expensive to travel and stay in order to preach the Gospel.  I have heard from some teachers that when you sow into missions (Rom 10:15) to send others to do the work, then as a partner in the work you have the obligation fulfilled and do not have to go anywhere or do anything.  This is a lie that leads to the belief that ‘friendship evangelism’ is all that is left for a person to do.  The reason Jesus included Jerusalem and nearby places (Acts 1:8) in the command is that these places are also mission fields.

All the world means to reach everybody so we must not discriminate for any reason (Rom 2:11).  The Holy Spirit demonstrates this so very clearly when I teach people during field sessions as learners are inclined to pick their mark whilst street harvesting.  God will not tolerate this favouritism and therefore will not work with you.  The best harvesters are quick to pick up on the fact that it is the Anointing that breaks the yoke.  We do not know which person is your Divine appointment until you speak to them, and they will say ‘yes’ to you when you make a demand of them.

Friendship Evangelism is a worldly encounter that persuades your friends to join your ‘local church’.  Many people come to the Lord through this method (1Cor 9:22)  that often takes years to work.  Our Evangelism School promises to give instant results when one learns to be led by the Holy Spirit.  If only half of the people you meet are ‘Elect’ then it is a guarantee that half the people you ask to make a decision for Jesus will say yes.  The problem is that you do not know which half until you ask them.  When you work apart from friendship evangelism and speak to strangers then you will see people honouring you.  This is the reason Jesus taught that a “Prophet is without honor in his own home.” (Mk 6:4)

To make disciples we are taught to bring these new converts back to your own church to look after them.  This concept actually negates street ministry on the basis that it is rare to find someone who would consider your church to be suitable as their local church.  It is common to see people travel across a major city to go to the church of their evangelist who unlovingly did not release them to a closer church.  Discipleship is a major issue that I deal with in a later page and this must be understood to be effective as a harvester for Jesus.  Being a witness is fine but a harvester is sought by God. (Mtt 9:37-38)

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the tool we use to release people from sin.  In Australia people come from all over the earth, we say it is God bringing the mission field to us.  Most people we encounter have already heard the Gospel by someone who has sown, someone else has watered, and some we harvest from where we have not sown. (Mtt 25:24)  Our understanding is that they can not really know Jesus without Divine revelation (Mtt 16:17), so we tell believers that Jesus will baptise them with the Holy Spirit if they ask. (Mtt 7:11, Lk 11:13)

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