FIT AND PROPER     by Pastor Paul Locke

Not fit and proper is used to describe a person not suitable to perform certain tasks.  In the Kingdom of God the term is blind for it is written, “Can a blind man lead a blind man?  Will they not both fall into a pit?  A student is not above his teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher.” (Lk 6:39-40)  The best teacher is one who has a good knowledge and teaches with kindness and patience.  This describes God’s Holy Spirit who teaches those who have accepted Him as their comforter and teacher.  When we are made to be disciples it is not of man but disciples of the Holy Spirit who teaches us all things.  Your earthly teacher your perfecter should be someone whom you would want to be like because you become like the teacher.

Are you a Saint, if so then the letters of the New Testament are addressed to you?  It is perceived that the early Church with some exceptions were living Saints otherwise described as being Holy.  Holiness is the Glory of God that clothed Adam and Eve, and in the present time is called ‘clothed from on high’ a condition of man after the Holy Spirit comes upon him. (Lk 24:49) (Jhn 3:3)  We become the Temple of the Holy Spirit when we experience not the deposit seal from belief in Jesus Christ as Saviour, but the saving Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is like the Anointing Oil that whenever applied the item or person becomes most Holy.  If you are a Saint? that is baptised in the Holy Spirit; then as you lay hands on a clean person they can receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit also.

People who repent are delivered of demons (1Jhn 1:9) and are ready to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  It is a moment in time for impartation, so to leave a person without the baptism of the Holy Spirit after repentance is the work of the devil. (Mtt 12:43-45)  Make no mistake about it that the Evangelists’ Ministry is ‘full on front line healing and deliverance ministry’.   The atmosphere around your work area becomes loaded with demons that come out from people and according to the last verses they are looking for another host.  People passing by who are not baptised in the Holy Spirit simple pick up the flea like demons.  Evangelists who are not baptised in the Holy Spirit suffer the same fate, they just get worse.

What if the latter Evangelist lays hands on people?  God is love and knows the heart of the person praying to receive and will make a later appointment for them.  The first thing that happens is that God does not use unfit people in this ministry.  Satanists target these unfit Evangelists for a reason, they want more demons for power, and when they repent and do not receive the Holy Spirit the demons return each one with six other mates.  The spiritual condition of Faithful servants can be tested by theses Satanists who search for unfit ministers.  Because the Satanists can not stand the anointing for long; the only way we can speak with them is when we break the protective bubble or we go outside the anointed workplace.  Remember that God honours those who serve Him, and that a servant of the Lord shall not strive.     

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