WORKPLACE     by Pastor Paul Locke

Every day people travel to a workplace where the place is set up for maximum effect in the task undertaken.  As evangelists we need to set up the place where we work for maximum effect.  Knowing God’s principles is the first step and can be applied like a fisherman (Mtt 4:19) who knows the best spots where certain types of fish can be found.  They use burley to attract the fish or know what type of bait these fish are eating on that day.  Obviously if you worked with deaf mute people the first thing to do would be to open the lines of communication by visual presentation or sign language.  Often some device such as music may be needed to capture the attention of a person passing by.  We often carry banners with a Gospel message that immediately sorts people as open or closed to the Gospel.

There are places you can go and places you can not go if you want to be successful.  Each empowered believer has an anointing that helps to perform the task (Ex 31:3) and God defines anointed places and purposes.  God has a strategy to win the hearts and minds of people who live in areas not accessible to evangelists at this time and it is these areas that ‘birds of a feather flock together’.  Demons unite as a formidable opposition to us so therefore we should be led by the Spirit in all things.  Harvesting in some places is more difficult and as an example I put to you that Homosexual Darlinghurst or Depraved Kings Cross is where it is more difficult to work than other places.  Opposition to the Gospel in such dark places often leads to violence so remember the devil kills disobedient Christians when the opportunity arises.  Apostle Paul was assured by the Lord of His protection saying, “For I am with you…I have many people in this city.” (Acts 18:9-10)

Pray over and anoint with oil a specific area (Ex 30:29) in which you intend to work for a breakthrough.  When several people in succession say no to me then I know the Anointing Bubble has been tampered with.  We immediately anoint the area again, and often during our timed session it is necessary to anoint again, and again.  I find when I pass and greet a particular Satanist who is ever present during our outreach sessions; then the bubble bursts.  When people throw spiritual mud over us in things they do or say and it is then that we get in a huddle to pray in repentance for our cleansing.  Only through experience do you fine tune the discernment gift of the Spirit.  When we go outside the anointed area of work or time it is then we experience a loss of power just like an electrical short.

Prepare the way for others to be successful through prayer and anointing.  Our regular work in the Endtime Harvest of Australia is to travel extensively to anoint all the high places and leave ‘Watchmen’ (Jn 10:3) over the areas to open the gates of heaven.  God commanded the Kings of Israel to pull down high places and burn the altars and totems set up to worship other gods.  Disobedience caused a curse to fall on the nation until someone obeyed the command.  King Hezekiah was one who obeyed by pulling down the high places and God blessed the nation. (2Ki 18:4)  In these times the work falls onto us and we can not go around burning things down, so God has shown us that by anointing with oil it has the effect of making the places most holy.  Demons can not operate in this holy environment and the high places are every establishment that exerts authority over people.  Return to Evangelism