SEED      by Pastor Paul Locke

Evangelists who are successful understand the value of a seed and what must be done with the seed.  The law of sowing and reaping (Gal 6:7) is the weapon the devil uses against the Church in their quest to win souls for the Kingdom.  The value of the seed can be thirty, sixty, or a hundred times the seed according to the soil in which it is sown. (Mk 4:20) The secret is what to sow, where to sow, and the time of harvest.  When one knows these things; then faith builds in the assurance of the harvest.

All across the world seeds from the Bible are being sown through all the mediums available, so the Church rightfully would expect results.  The wrong seed is a feel good message that does not convict a person of the need of a saviour in Jesus Christ.  This seed is like the seed that produces tares that need to be separated from the good seed at harvest time. (Mtt 13:27-30)  

Given that you now have the good seed of the Gospel and want to sow it, then one must remember the soil.  Preaching repentance to the converted does not produce a harvest, so we must find the lost that are the good soil.  The lost are outside the Church in the marketplace and to sow into this soil we need to go to them. (Mtt 28:18)  This seed will germinate if you add water and that water is your faith in God to make good in His promises.

As we look upon the fields we see they are white and ready to harvest, “pray to the Lord of the Harvest for workers, for the harvest is plenty and the workers are few.” (Mtt 9:37))   Because we are the few workers in the harvest we can harvest where we have not sown. The harvest will not harvest itself but will be damaged if a storm comes, so every good farmer works furiously to bring in the harvest at harvest time.

We harvest for the Master and the harvest belongs to Him that He apportions it to whoever He chooses.  We do not have a say in who receives the fruit of the harvest, except we should expect some small portion of it. (1Cor 9:9)  When we harvest without imparting the Holy Spirit it is like reaping unripened grain only fit for stock feed and not for bread.  This is the reason why we have the Parable of the Talents that call the unfaithful servant one who does not impart the Holy Spirit. (Mtt 25:24-30)

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