SELLING      by Pastor Paul Locke

Selling skills are very helpful in harvesting souls for the Kingdom of God.  I described this art in the web page ‘Selling Jesus’ but this page deals with other important aspects.  My professional experience in sales covers many different items but I did not deal with selling ‘yourself’ that really is the front door approach.  Door to door selling is the hard way for a salesman because the first thing we learn to do is deal with rejection.  Having a door slammed in your face has a demoralising effect.

The practice makes perfect approach is needed in door to door because we never seem to run out of doors to knock on.  On the other hand a street approach has a very limited time span and the person you approach may never meet you again.  This is the reason we need to develop skills to arrest a person who will then listen to you.  Therefore because you are selling Jesus you carry an anointing that arrests people and what you say can get a positive verbal response from that person we meet.

The product you sell determines how easy it is to get a person to buy.  Selling an unknown, unpopular product requires great skill and all my selling life has been just that.  Rarely have I had a product jump off the shelf, but had to use every means at my disposal to make a sale.  The day you get a product that is in short supply and highly sought the product walks out the door.  I found I had to pay retail for such products to stock for credibility and sell off them a discounted product of less renown.

Confidence in your product is what people sense in you and buy your attitude rather than the brand.  A combination of confidence and Jesus is the reason I find harvesting for the Kingdom easy.  Jesus is the best, free, and easy to receive.  In Australia where we have freedom of religion most people have heard the Gospel.  We harvest where we have not sown with the simplest approach that we can conceive.  We straight out ask people to say “Yes” to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. 

In the other web page ‘Selling Jesus’ I refer to the ABC of selling which means ‘always begin closing’ that is to assume that in the end you will make the sale.  Never oversell because experience shows me that a lengthy conversation rarely results in closing.  The devil sends his people to stop you harvesting souls and the method is to debate theology with you, so never do this, just walk away. 

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