The Evangelist is able to persuade people where others have failed.  Practice makes perfect, so with many encounters and a goal of leading those people to Jesus, then we become powerful instruments of God.  As a teacher I have witnessed the growth of team members who came from the position of not having led a person to the Lord to being a Combined Harvester of very many people at each outing.  The basic change that has come over these members or partners in the harvest is what comes out of their mouths that truly gives meaning to “the tongue has the power over life and death.”(Pro 18:21))

The keys of heaven is the power of your tongue, “For I have given you the keys of heaven, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” (Mtt 16:19)  This power that is upon our tongues is the reason God wills us to operate in love.   Those who are faithful to the call to evangelise are motivated by the supernatural power of God’s love.  Some of our team are bold and boisterous like me and others are quietly spoken with a soft approach.  God makes the divine appointments for people who need a very soft approach to such members of the team.

Your personal testimony is what breaks the power of the devil for it is written, “…and they overcame him by the blood of the lamb, AND the word of their testimony, AND did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.” (Rev 12:11)  I have heard preached that the combination of the three is where the power is hidden a. The Gospel, b. Testimony, c. Baptized in the Holy Spirit Christians.  If you comply then you will see a double outpouring of the anointing on your work, but if you omit any one of the three, then the power is diminished.  This is why growing churches feature testimonies at each church service.

Dark angels abound in the workplace and I have heard that the devil has an IQ of 6000, so be assured you will run up against one or more of these dark angels when you do the work of an evangelist.  The most common thing is that they use their tongue to splash mud over your anointing which weakens your ability to win souls.  Discouragement is what they will do in an effort to make you drop out of the work like the snake in the garden said, “Did God really say…” (Gen 3:1))  My advice is to give them a wide berth because they are hunting you.

God loves us to quote living Words at Him (Heb 4:12) when we pray and also the Gospel has the power unto salvation. (Mk 16:16)  A well prepared evangelist will know the key Scriptures by heart, and know how to welcome and farewell people of different languages that prevail in your work area.  This ability keeps a fluent natural approach to the work and I attribute multitudes of decisions for Jesus to my preparation in these areas of skills.  Each member of our team has special qualities that God draws upon because of the different needs of the people, like empathy towards people such as different races, interests, professions.  Just in our small group we have pastors, a teacher, a banker, a solicitor, an agent, a bus driver, a storeman, a chemist, a retiree, a student and the list goes on.    

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