X FACTOR     by Pastor Paul Locke

When Jesus said, “I never knew you.” He was speaking to those who had been working in miracles, signs, and wonders. (Mtt 7:22-23))  The distinction Jesus makes is to show the subtle difference between Spiritual Gifts and relationship with Him.  The Fruit of the Spirit signal that one is Born Again and in proper relationship with Jesus. (1Jhn 2:3-11)  Some who have been given gifts fall from Grace but God does not take back the gifts.  Repentance is how to return to God and should be a regular part of our prayer life.  When we find people in the street who will not pray with us, then we know they are in great danger. 

The devil deceives people to think they are born again simply because someone says that they are.  They redefine the meaning of born again, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, to mean something other than what Jesus said (John 3:3) “Unless a man is born again he can not see the Kingdom of God,” and later, “can not enter the Kingdom of God.”  Jesus is saying there is a change from assent to relationship and that you must be born again, clothed from on high, an act of God.  Entry into the Kingdom is salvation, and not being born again means unsaved.

The Anglican Church does not teach on how to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and are smug in thinking they know it all.  They ignore many Scriptures that deal with the matter of being Born Again and rest their hope on obscure references in Ephesians 1 that tell them they have been sealed with a deposit of the Holy Spirit, a guarantee of salvation.  In the same chapter we see Paul pray for the Ephesians with the hope that they would receive the Spirit of Wisdom, Revelation, and Power.  He is praying that they receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit that come with baptism of the Holy Spirit. (Jhn 3:2-3)(1Sam 10:6-7)  To me this is saying that they are not born again.

What they have received is Saving Faith by hearing the Gospel, “Faith comes from hearing the Word.” (Rom 10:17)  The seal is in the heart to allow them to speak assent to the Gospel and take the next step, so lack of action denotes that a seed falls on the path for the devil to steal.  Being clothed from on high is on the outside like armour that protects spirit, soul, and body from the fiery darts of the devil.  Until one knows that he is not Born Again then how can one change?  Born again Christians are ready and willing to pray with us because they know that the Greek word used by Apostle Paul, “be filled” with the Holy Spirit meant to be ‘continually filled.’  The X Factor is the missing link, knowing your lack and to do something about it.

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