EXTREMES by Pastor Paul Locke 10/06/2016

Names are given to describe people, acts, or places to denote biblical extremes that exceed our normal vocabulary such as “Egypt” a place of sin. (Deut 4:20b)  Jerusalem, Rome, Egypt, Babylon or Pergamum is used in prophecy to denote extremes during certain timelines.  Therefore, I use Jerusalem to describe New York as a place of gross sin and speak prophetically into America a need to deal with sin through repentance to heal the land. (2Ch 7:14)

Twin Towers are focal points given by Nostradamus as brothers but I see them replaced on the vacant allotments as Towering Giant Angels facing each other in a like manner to those figures placed on the Ark of the Covenant. (Ex 37:9)  Mercy of God comes to America at that site through Lord Jesus Christ for those who will stand in the gap and repent for the sins of the nation. (Ezek 22:30)  Let America be again the ‘Land of the Brave and home of the Free’.

New Amsterdam was a given name for New York by the Dutch and with that name came the curse I discovered on the ungodly Amsterdam.  To this day the dregs of Dutch society inhabit Amsterdam where permissiveness is rife and that city is bound for destruction. (Gen 19:13)  Renaming the old city to New York is good but the hearts of all the people need to change to repent of past sin of murdering the Manhattan Indians whose blood cries out from the ground. (Gen 4:10)

Jews around the world have embarked on Christian Bible studies and on the 25th June, 2016 will be studying Isaiah 52 and 53 at the leading of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu who was raised for ‘such a time as this’. (Est 4:14)  This turning point in world history indicates that dispensation period is almost ended and then revelation of the true identity of Jesus the suffering servant is now fast approaching for them to repent and be saved. (Jer 31:31)

144,000 Jewish boys and girls will come from this new wave to rapidly spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ among them. (Rev 14:4)  A great outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit that is come upon the world brings tears of repentance to all in blessed lands founded on Godly principles.  Holy Land’s applies to Israel, America, and Australia all founded by God to bless the world with the knowledge of God.  Britain cut your ungodly ties and return to me says the Lord. (Hos 14:2)


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