FEELINGS by Pastor Paul Locke for loxland.com 1/06/2017

Wrath is for the unrighteous who fail to acknowledge the wonder of God’s creation. (Rom 1:18-19)  The lack of feelings is in those who resist conviction of the Holy Spirit and call the unrighteous blessed, or like Nietzsche say, ‘There is no God.’  God has made it plain for all to see the wonderful work of His hands and mankind is without excuse for failing to honour God. (Rom 1:20) These people are bound in sin and follow the dictates the demonic spirit of unbelief.

Star-crossed Lovers will tell you that absence makes the heart grow fonder and separation distance means nothing when pondering and longing.  Most suffer heartache because of the separation and mourn if their heartfelt love does not materialise. (SoS 3:1)   Love without feeling is meaningless, just words, but even animals display love like ‘Blackfriars Bobby’ a dog who slept on his masters grave for the rest of his life.  Blessed are those who mourn. (Mtt 5:4)

Imagination is a brain function given to mankind for weighing alternatives on a broad canvas of thought.  One cannot worship God in Spirit and Truth without the ability of imaginative thought that paints a picture of blissful feelings between man and God. (1Cor 14:15)  Personally I imagine in prayer that I see God has filled the heavens with golden angels who join with me in praise and worship.  I see myself in heaven’s throne room with my head resting on God’s lap. (Rev 21:4)

God is Love and defines love as being an essential part of mankind who can do nothing unless spiced with love. (1Jhn 4:16)  Weighed in the scales and found wanting is what God said about Belshazzar of Babylon and love of God was not found in him. (Dan 5:27)  The question we should ask about love is ‘What is love?’  My answer is that I perceive love having a material force like electricity or light that can be experienced as feelings; prompting the saying, ‘Love makes the world go around.’

How to love feelings can be learnt when we take lessons from Jesus who went about healing the sick. (Mtt 4:23)  Jesus taught about the Kingdom of God and what it takes to partake of this blessing.  He gave us the Beatitudes as a guide to proper living for those who would go with him to his father’s house.  Love is from God who first loved us and gave his only begotten Son and whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. (Jhn 3:16)


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