FIGHT BACK by Pastor Paul Locke for 29/09/2017

Punch Drunk is the condition of a boxer who has been battered and on the last legs prior to a knockout in a boxing match.  Unable to defend oneself then the fight is called off when a Second throws the towel into the ring and the referee stops the fight.  During the fight, at the end of each round a boxer has a brief opportunity to collect his senses.  In spiritual warfare this respite is the Shield of Faith, (Eph 6:16) to continue an offensive is prayer; using the Sword of the Spirit. (Eph 6:17)

Nominal Christians have saving faith from hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but have no power. (Eph 1:14)  The portion they have received is a deposit and the fullness comes by actions, ‘Faith without works is dead’.  This is the reason Apostle Paul prayed that their eyes of understanding may be opened that they may receive the fullness of their salvation by receiving the power gifts of the Spirit that comes by asking for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit that is Born Again. (Jhn 3:3& Eph 1:18-20)

Romans knew how to fight and had superior equipment and this is why Paul describes our need to put on the full armour of God. (Eph 6:11)  Our fight is not against flesh and blood but spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms; so ordinary weapons will not work.  Like war the attack comes to the vanguard of the army; the front line, the Warriors, the Born again Christians.  Like Romans prepared for war; our vanguard is made strong by the Holy Spirit. (Eph 6:10)

Method used by the enemy is deception and tests our defences by accusing the brethren. (Rev 2:9)  Your offensive is a ‘fight back’ using the power given you. (Rev 12:11)  Understanding your position in the Grace of God is the effectiveness of the armour.  You know that Grace came to you as a gift from God because of your faith in the Blood of Jesus Christ and ‘sin shall not be your master, because you are not under law, but under grace.’

Evangelism is the vanguard in the Army of God that brings the highest heavenly honour. (Luke 15:7)  Evangelists minister deliverance from captivity by evil spirits through repentance and is the prime purpose for Jesus receiving the Holy Spirit and proclaiming it. (Luke 4:18)  The New Covenant in Jesus operates alongside the Old Covenant that is Grace or Law: you choose because it only putting off the inevitable for Jesus said, ‘there is only one way to the Father and that is through me.’


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