FINANCE LIE by Pastor Paul Locke for 12/12/2013

Family Silver is retained wealth and when applied to a nation it means assets like infrastructure and utilities.  Our government is supposed to be like ‘the Wife of Noble Character’ (Proverbs 31:10-31) who considers a field and buys it like commendable former Whitlam Ministers Connor and Cairns who aspired to buy back the farm.  The problem they had was lack of understanding the source of finance for infrastructure was to print money.  The Khemlani affair proved their ignorance.

Money System quote from booklet “Money” by Stanley F. Allen, 1938 is “If the great mass of the people understood the working of the money system they would not tolerate it for a single day.”  The free ride the banks have been given is like keys to the mint where they have a ‘right to draw without any gold payment or any deposited security’.  Banks in effect print money and slowly but surely all things will be owned by them, so P.M. Abbot is held to account a change to this.

Nationalise banks is the way to get rid of the problem and they can be taken over at almost no cost if the Tax Department were diligent.  Whoever said government should not be in business surely represents the purchasers of the state owned businesses a goldmine of secret agency commissions.  Take for instance a Commonwealth Bank audit of shareholders may find that secretly the bank financed its own takeover by their stooges through the ‘free ride money system’ a massive fraud. 

Bank interest is a tool used to manipulate and foreclose loans in a bank induced finance crash.  A good government would remove incentives for private superannuation and direct the funds to a National Superannuation Scheme.  The National Scheme would replace banks for home loans with a guarantee of no increase of rates and non-foreclosure due to market forces.  Removing negative gearing in the home market would promote commercial and industrial investment. 

Lien on Assets should be applied to all government subsidies like buying shares in, say for example ‘Holden’ and this is a good thing ‘buying back the farm.’  The Lima Convention was an agreement to help third world nations but remember ‘blind leading the blind’ is the result if it is taken too far.  The very least our government should do is apply tax to imports and prevent sale of Australian companies to overseas investors.  Loss of jobs is loss of freedom the plan of the Antichrist. 

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