FORCE FIELD by Pastor Paul Locke for 2/03/2016 and YouTube

Fiery darts of the devil are missiles in spiritual warfare that are quenched when we are strong in the Spirit. (Eph 6:10)  Armour of God is an invisible force field around those who put on the full armour of God.  When we are born again we are clothed from on high with the full armour of God for this armour is the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Flesh and blood cannot effectively fight evil but by power wielded in the Power Name of God, Jesus. (Jhn 17:11)

Personal Armour is when we are clothed in the Glory of God that often can be seen by unbelievers as shining brightness. (Dan 12:3)  This force field that surrounds born again believers often extends for kilometres and touches everyone who enters into it. I often refer to this field as the Anointing that we carry with us and measureable when we are aware of it even to touching whole congregations when we take authority over demons who are present. (Eph 6:13)

Community Bubble of protection can be burst when an assigned number of righteous cannot be found. (Gen 18:23, 32)  The Israelites had this visible bubble seen as cloud by day and fire by night that was temporarily removed through sin of the community through Achan after Jericho. (Josh 7:11)  God sent many Prophets into communities to warn them to repent, that is turn around and go towards God instead of going their own way.

Vision given to Benny Hinn recently showing him a white blanket over America, this force field vision is a message for that nation to repent.  What he was not shown yet is that God is sending seven Apostles as angelic ministering spirits from Australia to deal with the darkness. (Heb 1:3) They are waiting for non-Christian support as a sign from God that the time is right.  The Harbinger of Judgment can only bring light to New York through repentance. (1Jhn 1:9) 

Muslims in America should be asking God for us to come because we love them and will minister Circumcision of the Heart to bless them. (Deut 10:16)  God will take away the blame from the hearts of men who accuse Muslims for the Twin Towers disaster. ( )   This prophecy is to bless America in a time when the world is in turmoil remembering that God has warned that He will act. (Num 11:1)


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